VISIONS in the nunnery

Programme 2, led by Webb-Ellis with films from 22 other international artists

Bow Arts – Nunnery Gallery 181 Bow Road London E3 2SJ

Private view Thursday 10 November, 6-9pm with a live performance from Phil Minton’s celebrated Feral Choir

Opening time Mon to Sat 9am-4pm Sunday 10am-4pm

Visions is the Nunnery Gallery’s biennale celebration of international moving images and for this 13th edition the exhibition is split across two varying programmes. Programme 2 is led by British Canadian filmmakers Webb-Ellis.

Exhibiting artists: Amrita Chandradas; Andrew Demirjian; Tessa Garland; Michael Gurhy; Dan Guthrie; Sarah Lasley; Robin Leverton; Olana Light; Stuart Moore & Kayla Parker; Yannick Mosimann; Simon Olmetti; Bella Riza; Niyaz Saghari; Zara Sands; collectif_fact, Annelore Schneider & Claude Piguet; Maxima Smith; Vilma Tihilä; Enni-Kukka Tuomala; Janelle VanderKelen; Sam Williams; Yuetong Yang; Madalina Zaharia.