6×6 project is an artist-run online platform dedicated to the distribution and promotion of artists’ works in digital form. Founded by artist Mirelle Borra in 2017, 6×6 project is engaged in building an international community of artists.

The 6×6 project platform facilitates artists to sell limited editions / online rentals and control the terms of sale of their time-based media art. 6×6 project draws inspiration from the alternative art space movement of the 1970s in New York by utilizing the ‘artists-selecting-artists’ model—six artists, each selecting another artist for inclusion on the platform, every six weeks. 6×6 project offers a more multifaceted approach for the audience to discover the multiplicity of artists’ film and moving image practices.

We are particularly interested in artistic practices with an emphasis on critical perspectives. Our aim is to disseminate artists’ moving image works to reach a worldwide audience and to foster an ongoing dialogue.